About the Color Pen Painting Series

This is a selection of paintings, which were created during a stay in Denmark in 2007 and later, in Israel, in 2008-2009.

The process emanated from a call for self-healing that developed into a game. A flow of energy started to come out in ecstasy. It was an adventure a total new zone of experience. Tremendous joy was felt deeply, as there was freedom to work with no concept or subject and there was no inhibition of spontaneous expression. Freedom and love were the real creators. There was full surrender and trust in the flow of this process. Lines and forms that were being painted had been left unchanged. One stroke led to another. Each painting was a deep breath leading into an ever deeper birth of the unknown of the mystery. It was a new playful ground to explore the love for colors without any preconception.

Vivi Savitri,


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