Being an Artist

To be an artist is to be a giver. God has given us the gift of creativity and we become the givers of this to others and to His creation.

Being an artist is having a call to bring the message of beauty, light, healing, serenity, peace and love. All are branches of the law of harmony. All are the One who prays to give the best and the purest to all mankind. We, as artists, are the transmitters, the agents who empower harmony, peace and brotherhood on this planet earth, through beauty and aesthetics. Everyone is a potential artist. The creation of life is cooperation with God, with the intelligence and the wisdom of this universe.

In getting all the splendour which is already in existence, we become its giver. Nothing belongs to us. All is given to be shared. The abundance of life is here. Everything exists. We just have to connect to the treasure and learn how to use it and share it.

As we are all a part of this universe, we are all created the same. The separation is in the mind alone.

Humanity, for me, is one big family. Planet Earth is a large home. Mentality and behaviours such as violence, revenge, competition, and greediness are all creators of war. How can we take care, evolve, grow and develop when distraction and egoism are more important than life and peace?

We are all created to feel and know the spirit of our being. This spirit is the link to the realm which is beyond matter, but at the same time is manifested and understood through it.

We can all become artists who can change the planet to be more loving, joyful and trustful. Everyone has a unique talent or the ability to make this happen. We are all One. With time, all that has been considered to be separate will melt into the ocean of consciousness, one unity, that is all that is.

The One will be seen. Religions, nationalities and borders will sacrifice the need to be unique in the egoistical sense and will use their uniqueness for all, and for love and recognition of the One God in us.

Vivi Savitri, 2003

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