Art is an Act of Love,
Art is a Prayer,
Art is Giving,
Art is a Gift.

To be an artist is to be a giver. Being an artist is having the call to bring the message of beauty, light, healing, serenity, peace and love. All are branches of the law of harmony.

The journey into one's process of creativity cannot be separated from the inner journey of growth and knowing the God in oneself.

Beauty, harmony and aesthetics all become reflection of the one truth that is see through our transformation that, All There Is, Is Him the Divine.

In that joy, which expands our heart and consciousness, takes place the knowledge that we and the other and the world are ONE.

Life and the creation are a journey to love and surrender to it.

The silence, through which the voice of love and truth is heard, exists out of awareness to life in the present.

Creativity and life force are from the infinite source and reveal the most noble in the soul, bringing a longing to transmit it to humanity.

Humanity, for me, is one big family.

Planet Earth is a large home. We can all become artists who can change the planet to be more loving, joyful and trustful.

My art is a service to all, and it is given and created with love and much gratitude.

Vivi Savitri, June 2004


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