Life and Art as a Gift from God

(Hebrew version available)

The paintings that flow through me are the gift of God to himself.

My life and creation are woven one into the other. The paintings, like life, are the gratitude to the wisdom, which exists in the processes, in the formation and in the renewal, which merge with the consciousness that beats in the universe. Being a living cell in this infinite universe, my awareness for our unity, and my experience as a being is harmony, beauty, love, serenity, joy, wisdom. These exist abundantly in the universe, and avail themselves limitlessly to the one who opens himself to them.

Life and creation are a journey to love and surrendering to it. Surrendering that reveals the essence of ourselves - being light. A light, which lights brightly on our being and returns its radiation through knowledge of the unity with God, sublimation, purity and all that is free of all limitation of concept, time and form. Hence, full of awe in the presence of being, your being the light, the love, the serenity.

Silence, through which the voice of love and truth is heard, exists out of awareness of life in the present. Being in the present is being in fidelity and trust and partnership with the hidden hand, which is leading you into the mysterious, magical and the unknown. This unity and joy with what happens allows the changes to flow, shape, smith, destroy, build, purify, grow, redeem, heal, strengthen, verify, and produce the renewal of life and the creation all the time.

This is how a transformation is born and takes place.

Your hand unites with the hand of God and your life becomes his creation and love. Your life and art are no longer separable. Both are an expression of love. Of the spirit. Of the soul that yearns to touch its root and to be. To be naked. To be the truth of what it is.

Art is an act of love. Art is giving. Art is prayer. Art is a gift.

What there is, is no longer love of beauty, but for the creator of beauty - for the source of wisdom and truth.

What there is, is no longer love for the beloved solely, but for the source of love. What there is, is no longer love of the painting only, but for the source of inspiration.

In that joy, which expands your heart and consciousness, takes place the knowledge that you and the other and the world are one.

This is the magnificence, the unity, the acceptance, the giving, the happiness.

Today's consciousness includes all the happenings of all times. The awareness that develops and the expanding consciousness are those, which instills the sense of change in us and with it the feeling that everything is new. This moment was never existing before, thus, our inner vision, originating from the momentary connection to the present, creates our perception and feeling.

The effect of everything, which goes through a mental, psychological and spiritual change, on the process of creation and its a11istic expression, exists as well.

Different paintings, which were made in different times in the past, are no longer suitable to express what flows and articulates me today. In others, the potential, the seed, that is kept inside them becomes alive and pernlits a more illuminating contact with what the experience of the self is today. In this experience there is no time and limit, only joy to know the seed and to re-cultivate it and to conduct the immediate love to it. Actually, it is like the reunion with your potential. It is a magnificent foundation, which is a basis for a constant change. It exists when the devotion is directed to the experience of life in the present.

The painting, which went through transformation in that time shows my yearning to know the truth of the Self, to touch the light, to fly to spaces of silence, beauty, freedom, harmony. Hence, naturally, the skies, the water, the birds - their flight and stretching of wings, constitute a foundation for inspiration and unity.

The bird is used as an inspiration to the source of wisdom, which knows to balance and to connect harmonically between heaven and earth. Its movement, flight, the spaces, where she soars to, and where she experiences freedom do not prevent her a complete, accurate touch with existence on earth. Like Jacob's ladder, it is the connection to all levels and worlds.

The difference in the way the paintings were made in the past and the way they were made in this period is in the capacity to perceive more clearly and securely my unity with myself, the creation and the creator.

The past, in life, was a bundle of thoughts and emotions, which were formed out of events that my relation to them was conditional. The insemination, the inspiration, the joy, the creation were conditional upon external events and temporary loves. This long and tiresome phase has awakened the unconscious that was longing to search and know the infinite and unconditional love. God that is within us - and in all.

The emotional shakings and subordination to different stories of life, were the womb, where from questions were given birth: who am I, what is the source of my being and what is the meaning of my existence.

So that despite a long period of infertility in my artistic creation, it brought with it a new joy and fertility, as a result of the searching and finding of the questions and their answers.

My rebirth, getting closer to myself and god, verified to me the knowledge that any creation is like life it depends not only on the other's love to you, but on your ability to love; Not on his giving to you, but on your giving.

The stories and the happenings are temporary and exist only to enrich the insights on your existence and to let your consciousness to expand and clarify. This knowing assures us that only the consciousness exists.

The courage not to hold what is unworthy and harmonious with my life today, granted my prayer in a taste of love and freedom of expression out of unity with the existing abundance and not limitation and conditioning.

The past is wonderful in its being a testimony to the potential, which allows again and again, and again, to know God that resides within us, where we meet all the other hearts out of feeling grace and gratitude.

Vivi Savitri
December 2001


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