Bridges Between Old and New

A bridge between the old and the new can be created and seen as a state of consciousness. Using the terminology of the mind and logic, which is identified with what is considered as old and new, can transmit a false understanding. An understanding that is not connected to what is beyond definitions, forms, names and time.

Any limiting concept brings separation and division from the whole of our being and keeps us in a narrow and attached view, which is based on the past and the already experienced and known.

The "old" may be considered as an experience. An experience of something that took place in our life and was seen as part of life. It stays as imprints and impressions, which still vivid and seem useful. This becomes the ground, where the leap is taken from, and the formation, where the "new" is born. The "old" is transformed into "new" and dropping it creates an empty space, in which the unknown can be presented and experienced. Awareness for new dimensions of understanding is at the door and new tools allow us to discriminate between definitions of what old and new are. Letting oneself be abandoned and surrendering to the ever-flowing touch of what life brings, always brings the opportunity to be in the new and be renewed.

"Old" melts in us and becomes a part of the expanding consciousness. If attachments and holding on to concepts and definitions of limiting reality are still in existence, life will create the needed situations and "stories", in order to create a move in one's life, where transformation will occur and be recognized as essential. Until assimilation and absorption of all levels of experiencing life is integrated and being lived in awareness, until the heart becomes more open and less contracted, no creativity, love, joy or vividness can be truly felt and known.

The "new" is resonating now. It is a vibrant and activating life force. The being is like it is being born now, fully awake from the delusive separation. The fresh seeing sees all as for the first time.

The bridge is THE NOW. THIS MOMENT. It encompasses all times and names and happenings. ALL THAT EVER WAS, but makes it as NO-THING was or is, except what is experienced at the present moment.

This is experienced and known in neither time nor action. The mind is absent, dissolved. It is a witnessing in the disappearing of all, sensing and observing the feeling of the infinite in one given instant of knowing. Silence becomes the only presence.

The soul is transparent and naked, as washed in the purest water of light and divine love.

Love embraces Truth.

Truth embraces Love.

Vivi Savitri, July 2004


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