"May We All Be More Rich in God."

.Vincent Van Gogh

Through the life force we express creativity. Life itself is the open door to the invisible realm from where creativity and inspiration come. Each and everyone of us can experience his/her creativity as being guided and inspired by the infinite source of the Spirit.

The creation of the spiritual artist is the expression of love.

Love is never destroyed.

Love is not arrogant, proud nor greedy.

Love is giving.

The artist who lives in consciousness of the spirit will be devoted to finding and transmitting the deeper meaning of beauty and harmony, and to discovering the Divine truth behind their appearance.

The journey into one's process of creativity cannot be separated from the inner journey of growth and knowing the God in oneself.

Creativity cannot be separated from the healing process of the self, and brings healing through the gift of art.

In the process of creativity, while being connected to the infinite Source, the being is in the present and melts into becoming all that is. It is a total merging without time or space: only being.

Beauty, harmony and aesthetics all become reflections of the one truth that is seen through our transformation that all there is, is Him the Divine.

What comes to a defining form in any artistic expression is indeed given as a precious gift to humanity and culture, but even the more splendid and divine look is still an expression of the infinite through the finite. Each piece of art is temporary - like us. It is only an appearance of the world of phenomenality.

Creativity touches the abundant flow of nature. The experience of creativity as art becomes like dancing, singing, smiling, being joyful, loving and open. The pain in man can be transcended and used for higher understanding which can transmute the energy into a level of healing.

Liberation from limited concepts allows the mind not to dominate the coming freedom of our soul. Creativity and creator become one.

To find oneself in a state of non-creativity is like being exposed to the fear of death.

If creativity is an expression of our divine being and the realization of our human potential, the inability to create is like losing the experience of life.

When there is no self-renewal there is no new creativity.
If creativity doesn't come from its divine source, then where does it come from?
When the artist is connected to the Divine, harmony, love, purity and everything else beneficial to humanity are expressed as a wonder.

Each artist's expression is unique in the same way that God has created the uniqueness in each one of us.

Only in this shape, light and inspiration will he express the greatness that comes through him. In this way he enlightens both himself and others.

The process of artistic creativity is holy work. Art demands that the creator forgets the false identity that needs fame and wealth.
The signs of divine inspiration are expressed as harmony, serenity and joy and by a deep caring and love of man, God and His creation.

The feeling of holiness during the process of artistic creation gives an experience of abundant light, of a vast vision of cosmic energy, continual renewal, and a touch of the infinite power of the source of life. This all brings a deeper sense of inner truth and the expansion of our existence.

There is no separation between what is good for the individual and what is good for humanity.

Purification is essential for this holy process of artistic creativity. Purification of the soul allows a purer energy to be transmitted and expressed through art and in the same way it affects the viewer.

No-one can understand it all but one who is devoted to his purpose and beliefs and to the law of creativity coming from the highest source, can be guided to create a bridge between people and God.

A cleansing of the body and soul turns the body into a temple for the soul that requests this holiness.

There is no separation between body, mind, souls and spirit. The harmony between them brings about a better understanding of the law of harmony. This can give a revelation of beauty and love and empowers everyone in contact with it. All this is a way of healing man and the world. We all need this desperately.

The road had no end. The light never stops shining. It is only man's choice to surround himself with an outer shell which prevents him from reaching the covenant between him and God.

Vivi Savitri


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